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Sep 17, 2006 next bachorlette?
Sep 17, 2006 Tucker diary part 2
Sep 16, 2006 Tucker diary part 1
Sep 16, 2006 Why I like him..
Aug 26, 2006 I miss dice..
Aug 18, 2006 chating area for me,boomer,and bear

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Why I like him..

Saturday Sep 16, 2006 08:36:00 PM

I like Tucker cuz hes sweet,nice,&handsome! He is a really funny Guy! I also like him cuz he is very brave&smart! :P we had such a blast today! :-D I used to have a boyfriend named"dice" I did Love him but not as much as I like tucker! tucker is on alot and loves petster just like me! unlike dice he hates petster...I am alittle trouble maker i rolled in poo one day so I hope Tucker wont make fun of me..He is way more sweet and caring! :-D I have never had anybody nicer than Tucker! he is on alot and weve known his family since febuary I believe?..this is probly a stupid reason why I like him its the best I can do..most of them are secret :-) Mail me if you want to know! :P

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Posted By: 2006/11/19 11:13:58 PM
AWWWW...I am coming back on petster...is theis Tucker guy your bf?

Posted By: ♥Riley 2006/09/16 08:45:31 PM
we are both very naughty! thank you tucker

Posted By: ♥Riley 2006/09/16 08:42:22 PM
we do have some things in commen..thats another reason why i like him

Posted By: 2006/09/16 08:41:54 PM
Aww! That's sweet! I'll remember that! But actually, wev'e known your family for over a year! BOL! :)

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