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Sep 17, 2006 next bachorlette?
Sep 17, 2006 Tucker diary part 2
Sep 16, 2006 Tucker diary part 1
Sep 16, 2006 Why I like him..
Aug 26, 2006 I miss dice..
Aug 18, 2006 chating area for me,boomer,and bear

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Tucker diary part 1

Saturday Sep 16, 2006 08:50:00 PM

this is a diary about tucker everyday ill update it! but it'll be in diff.blogs! tommorw ill update it! 9/16/06: today I met tucker..he is soo sweet and charming! he had soo many girls crushing on him soo...he decided to be the bachorler!!!! kifas sissy baby joined today! we all had a date with him to bad he had to elimadate baby(in my family),daisy mae,&umm..forgot! bol! i think its was just those 2!? well it was just baby&I! we had a date with him but he couldnt decide and decided to do a big date! baby&tucker watched a movie,got into a food fight,ect. me&tucker got to gaze at the stars together! it was sooo much fun! we also got into a pillow fight! hehe i sneezedfrom the feathers flying out! :p there was also squrriel chasing! to bad instead of the squrriel tucker got something else... BOL! we also went fishing after that and had fun tucker caught fish in the water& i caught fish with the pole! we caught a BIG fish and it turned out to be a giant alligator! poor tucker he got bit by it! we climbed our tree and tried to get to the treehouse,tucker being soo brave scared the alligator! :-) he caught me so i could get off the tree and we rolled down the hill together! :D thats pretty much it! he said he'll choose tommorw! I CANT WAIT! more tommorw chow riley

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Posted By: 2006/09/17 09:02:41 AM
Hi silly! I hope you aren't to upset, it was a really tough decision because you are both pawfect girls! Hey, you can still keep the diary. :) Just do it as best friends. *Smiles*

Posted By: ♥Riley 2006/09/16 09:29:49 PM
bol maybe i should have added more..NO enough! :P

Posted By: ♥Riley 2006/09/16 09:29:35 PM
thank you

Posted By: 2006/09/16 09:05:24 PM
Good luck! :)

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