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Sep 16, 2006 maggie? were are you :'-(
Aug 25, 2006 I ASKED HER!!!
Aug 25, 2006 okay...
Aug 21, 2006 I want to be adopted...
Aug 16, 2006 Hi y'all

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Sunday Aug 27, 2006 05:26:00 PM

okay well maggie is alittle busy so im still thinking of a day! I need help to! the groomsmen,flower girl,piano dude(bol),ect. please come! hehehehe! HOLLY will also be sending out invitations if nobody sees this blog to! anybody is invited ;-) just ask and she'll send you the invitation

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Posted By: Boomer 2006/09/17 06:33:09 AM
It was a fight in early september kifa between star and jake..... oh well ....I just thought flash and maggie looked cute together but eh*shrugs* It's their choice not mine...

Posted By: 2006/09/13 04:38:38 PM
I'm guesing something bad happened. D:

Posted By: flash 2006/09/12 08:38:09 PM
are you okay? if your not into it just dont post..

Posted By: Boomer 2006/09/12 07:00:08 PM
Oh um ok.......

Posted By: flash 2006/09/10 08:54:04 PM
there might be*blushes*'

Posted By: 2006/09/10 04:35:56 PM
Theres....not one.

Posted By: Boomer 2006/09/10 09:48:36 AM
So when's the wedding?

Posted By: Abby 2006/09/01 11:40:56 AM
Hi Maggie! Have a great wedding!

Posted By: flash 2006/08/28 01:03:18 AM
okay! boomer,okey dokey

Posted By: 2006/08/27 08:26:10 PM
Actually, I am planning on sending the invitations, Holly can help though. We need to think of a WHO WHAT WHEN and WHERE, for the invitations.

Posted By: Boomer 2006/08/27 06:58:12 PM
Mom's daughter may or may not trick or treat,but I'll be at the wedding!(I'll be the ring bear and paco can play the organ)

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/27 06:01:13 PM

Posted By: flash 2006/08/27 06:00:53 PM
okay im getting more pics in a few more days and school starts on the 30th! ouch! and i leave on the 1st of september thru the 7th hmmm...maggie on halloween does your typer go to trick-or treat? momma doesnt so I thought you would be busy then? :-(

Posted By: flash 2006/08/27 05:56:36 PM
thank you!

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/27 05:56:07 PM

Posted By: 2006/08/27 05:30:35 PM
thats me

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